Warranty on Sale of Refurbished Products

The provided text outlines the terms and conditions between Shopliex (referred to as TechZap Business Solutions Pvt Ltd) and its customers in relation to the purchase and use of Shopliex’s Plan(s). Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


  1. Plan(s): Products/services packages offered by Shopliex.
  2. Plan Fee: Fees charged for the selected Plan(s), as specified in the Plan Terms.
  3. Plan Terms: Specific terms and conditions for each Plan(s).
  4. Plan Eligibility: Conditions for purchasing a Plan, including the requirement to purchase on the same day as a Refurbished Device and when the device is in ideal functional condition.
  5. Personal Information/Data: Customer’s personal and financial information.


  1. Regulation of Transaction: The terms regulate transactions between Shopliex and the customer concerning Plan(s).
  2. Agreement Framework: General terms and conditions defining the agreement framework and parties’ obligations.
  3. Acceptance: Customer acceptance of the Terms and Plan Terms by activating the Plan, utilizing Plan benefits, or filing a claim.

Customer Consents and Confirmations:

  1. Use of Personal Information: Customer authorizes Shopliex to use Personal Information for delivering Plan services while ensuring privacy and confidentiality.
  2. Shopliex’s Rights: Shopliex reserves the right to alter Plan features, benefits, Plan Fee, or any portion thereof.
  3. Communication: Customer agrees to receive periodic emails and SMS messages from Shopliex regarding its products and services.


  1. Written Notices: Any required notice must be in writing and delivered to the specified address.
  2. Address:
    Shopliex Store Pvt.Ltd
    B-926, 1st Floor, Sangam Street,
    New Ashok Nagar, New Delhi-110096

Jurisdiction & Disputes:

  1. Jurisdiction: Exclusive jurisdiction of competent Courts in Delhi for any disputes.
  2. Governing Law: The terms are governed by the laws of the Republic of India.

Additional Notes:

  • The document emphasizes the importance of Customer consent and acknowledgment of the terms.
  • Shopliex’s right to modify Plan features, benefits, and fees is highlighted.
  • Privacy and data security are emphasized in the use of Personal Information.
  • The document specifies the mode of communication for notices and the jurisdiction for dispute resolution.

It’s essential for customers to carefully read and understand these terms before engaging with Shopliex’s products and services. If there are any uncertainties, seeking legal advice is advisable.

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